Ezra Tepel

August 25, 1953 to January 20, 2009

Ezra lost his battle with Melanoma on January 20, 2009 just as Obama was sworn in as the new president of the United States. He suffered with the disease from October of 2004 but after some treatments he was basically fine from the summer of 2005 til June of 2008 when it returned with a vengeance.

We loved him and helped him with his courageous fight, but at the end it became too much of a battle for him to fight.

He will always be in our hearts and we miss him terribly as each day goes by. He was 55 when he died and not only did he leave me, but he also left behind our now 20 year old son and daughter, our soon to be 18 year old daughter and soon to be 13 year old daughter.

I hope that there will be a cure for this horrible disease so that someone else as young, vibrant, successful, and happy will not have to die so young and miss out on life's fulfillments.

Ezra we miss and Love you,

Sheila, Andrew, Melanie, Lindsay and Chelsea