Gerald (Jerry) Keeling

December 11, 1951 to October 20, 2000

This photo of Jerry Keeling was taken only months before he was diagnosed with nodular melanoma in April 1998. He was dressed in costume for a role in one of the many plays he performed at our community theater. I'm certain that he is still singing, blending his rich baritone with the other voices of the Angel Choir.

Jerry confronted melanoma with the same quiet determination as he did most things. He resolved to stay positive and not give up, and in the end he faced death with dignity, grace, and even humor.

He left a legacy whereas by example he taught those who knew him to not dwell on what might have been, but rather to embrace the possibilities, and to not fear death as an ending, but to anticipate it as a new journey.

Gerald M. Keeling
December 11, 1951 - October 20, 2000
Son, Brother, Husband, Father, Grandfather and child of God