H.J. Harrison, Jr

May 19, 1952 to December 8, 2004

H.J. Harrison, Jr., my beloved husband Jay, died in my arms on December 8, 2004 after a valiant struggle with melanoma that was first diagnosed in May of 2003. He had a clear sentinel node biopsy and a successful wide local excision on his thigh, but the melanoma had spread to the deep iliac nodes. Shortly after New Year's Day in 2004 we learned it had spread to numerous lymph nodes in the groin and pelvis. Multiple surgeries, various types of chemo, radiation, an autologous vaccine and two rounds of high-dose IL-2 all failed, despite Jay's best efforts.

Jay was a Vermont State Trooper for 7 years, and a proud Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation for over 22 years at the time of his death. A member of the SWAT Team, a Tactical and Firearms Instructor, he was the recipient of the FBI Star for bravery and a friend to countless agents throughout the Bureau.

Jay loved to ride motorcycles, downhill ski, scuba dive and shoot. He loved and spoiled our rescued greyhounds, Rocket and Moose, and now lies peacefully with his big boy Moose who left us in April of 2004.

Shortly before Jay died, we were lucky to be able to adopt a baby rescue greyhound whom we named Rusty. He immediately bonded with Jay and was a happy presence in Jay's life until the end. The photo shows 11-week-old Rusty happily snoozing with his guy.

Jay was the best husband, friend and warrior you could know. I will miss him until the day I die. Have fun in heaven, sweetheart. I will always love you.

Susan, Rocket & Rusty.