James Harrell

September 8, 1957 to March 28, 2010

My dad was a hero. Sure any daughter can say that about their dad, but my dad truely was the american hero. He has been a deputy for the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department for 30 years. He was an air rescue paramedic flying in air rescue five. He has saved hundreds of lives. He has recieved the medal of valor, meritorious conduct and many others for his service. He pulled two kids out of an overflowing aquaduct just minutes before they would be killed. He saved a family from the malibu fires. He also saved countless numbers of people off the sides of the mountains. My dad is also a hero to me for being my dad. He has been the greatest role model for me in work and in marriage. My dad passed away just one day after his 34th wedding anniversary to my mom Sara. There are five kids in our family, me being the youngest at 21. My dad was diagnosed with Stage 3 Melanoma in 2007. With interferon treatments, we thought we won the battle. But in late 2008, an PET scan showed that tumors had begun to grow in his lungs and the doctors gave him months to live. In January of this month, my dad had a bleeding tumor in his brain where he lost function to his right side. With operations, the tumors were gone but quickly returned. He started doing Biochemo, but was too sick by then to fully recover. Finally 3 years later, my dad lost the battle to melanoma. My family and I are so relived that he is no longer in pain anymore. No more week long chemo stay in the hospital, no more cough that wont stop, no more loosing hair, no more walking with a cane, no more cancer. I miss my dad dearly and wish he was still here with us, but he is looking down on us saying we will see him soon enough. No more cancer is good enough for me. I love you dad and i miss you so much.