James A. Schlipmann

December 15, 1957 to December 2, 2002

James A. Schlipmann
December 15, 1957 – December 12, 2002

For My Husband Jim – the Love of My Life & Best Friend… I’m forever grateful that God made you. That He gave you strength and tenderness, a gift of laughter, too. That He gave you honesty and faith, and courage deep and true. That He gave you dreams to work for and the energy to dare. And that God gave the two of us His precious Love to share. I’m so thankful for the happiness we had, for the life we shared, and for the very special blessing of your love. All My Love -- Jean

There’s so much to say about Jim. He was a loving and devoted husband – the Love of My Life and My Best Friend. He cared deeply about his family and throughout his life, he made innumerable lasting friendships. He had a passion for golf and was a member of Prestonwood Country Club in Dallas, TX. Jim was the youngest of 8 children, a native of Quincy, IL, and an active member of Prince of Peace Catholic Church in Plano, TX.

He was so special and so selfless. From the time he was diagnosed until the time he died (less than 7 months), he fought a courageous battle with the Beast – Melanoma Cancer. He spent his final days here on earth preparing those around him to be able to deal with his death. When the Beast won, on December 12th, just 3 days before his 45th Birthday, the loss was devastating.

I kept asking myself… How could someone have a complete physical and receive a clean bill of health on March 25th, then be diagnosed with terminal cancer less than 2 months later, on May 22nd? And, then die less than 7 months later? No one could give me the answer.

So… on December 15, 2002, (what would have been Jim’s 45th Birthday) I established the James A. Schlipmann Melanoma Cancer Foundation to honor him and keep his memory alive by providing hope for individuals suffering from this horrible form of cancer, and their families.

Many caring and compassionate individuals generously support this great cause in his honor. It is because of Jim and the positive impact he had on everyone he met during his journey here on earth that his Foundation netted over $34,000 during its first year.

On December 12, 2003 – the 1st Anniversary of Jim’s Death – his Foundation made a grant to UT Southwestern Medical Center to help them in their fight to eradicate Melanoma Cancer. The grant is being used to help fund a research project aimed at educating medical students about melanoma and skin exams. Dr. Stan Taylor – a leading melanoma expert who has been in the forefront nationally in promoting melanoma awareness – is directing the project.

“The benefits can be significant in helping improve the incidence of early detection of melanoma by making it a part of the normal physical examination,” said Dr. Kern Wildenthal, president of UT Southwestern Medical Center.

If the project proves successful, it will be promoted nationwide to all medical schools.

This gives me hope! Hope that through Jim’s Foundation we will make a difference!

Please feel free to contact me at 972-307-9325 or TheSchlip@comcast.net.
– A. Jean Schlipmann