Janice K. Niles

February 22, 1973 to February 12, 2007

Jan was born in Augusta Georgia in 1973, the youngest member of a close and loving family. Jan was beautiful, intelligent and fun loving. With her infectious laugh, warm smile, and unfailing enthusiasm for life, Jan had a gift for connecting to both loved ones and those she had just met. People were drawn to Jan's energy, and she effortlessly turned strangers into trusted friends with her complete attentiveness, compassion, and genuine interest in others. In October 2003, Jan was diagnosed with melanoma - and looking back we couldn't have known the tremendous impact this disease would have on our lives. Jan lost her personal battle with melanoma on February 12, 2007. Through multiple surgeries and therapies, Jan's positive outlook and sense of humor remained - even thrived - and though we still wish for more time with her, we are comforted knowing how grateful Jan was for each day she was given and by her example of taking nothing for granted.

We miss her so much but her legacy lives on as we continue to "fight the beast" as passionately as she did for over three years...