Jennifer M Toscano

April 19, 1971 to June 10, 2003

This is my beautiful sister Jennifer. Diagnosed stage III in 1998. She had just turned 32 when Melanoma took her away from us. I miss her every day and wish I could see her beautiful face and talk to her again. I would always read these memorials and feel so bad for the people who lost their loved ones and think not my sister. Never did I ever imagine having to put her memorial on this page. I always thought her amazing strength and faith in God would get her through the battle. That's just what it was a battle. I guess She was too strong for this earth and God wanted her for better reasons unknown. That's the only way I can comfort myself when I have to face the fact that she is no longer with us.

We were close in age and did many things together. We shared a love for BonJovi. We went to concerts together all the time. Jennifer had a great passion for life and only wanted to better herself. She was going to college and wanted to become a physical therapist. She put everything on hold when this disease progressed to stage IV in Oct 2001. She wanted to wait till she was better to continue doing anything. She needed to focus on beating this disease.

She underwent several different treatments but nothing could tame the beast inside her. Jennifer had great faith in her religion and always prayed to God and St Pio to save her from this dreadful disease. But on June 10th 2003 God took her home. Melanoma stripped my sister of her life and the things she wanted to accomplish. The one thing I know is that she is most definitely an angel of high rank up in heaven. She earned her wings while on this earth. Jennifer was so courageous and strong. She never complained or asked why me? She lived each day with a smile on her face and only wanted to live and spend time with her family, her friends and her golden retriever Maury. I wish I could have my sister my best friend back to go through this journey of life with me. I miss her, need her, and love her so much.

Jenn, We love you and miss you every day! You are always in our hearts. Till we meet again my beloved sister. We Love you!

Jennifer Margaret Toscano 4/19/71-6/10/03 Our Angel In Heaven