Joe Tuso

Unknown to February 4, 2001

Here's Joe Tuso, dancing with his sweet wife, Jean. Melanoma took his life, but not his spirit, on Feb. 4, 2001. He fought a long and hard battle, but never gave up hope--we know he wants you all to keep up your fight in the hopes of a cure for this terrible disease. He valued all of the friendships and words of encouragement he received on this MPIP board.

He was first diagnosed in August, 1998, became Stage III in July of 2000, Stage IV in December of 2000, and passed away Feb. 4, 2001. He was willing to try ANYTHING to be around longer, even if a treatment only had a 1% chance of helping his MM, he would have pursued it. His wife, five daughters, son-in-laws, 12 grandchildren and mother will miss him greatly, but are very thankful for the wonderful impact he's had on their lives.

In one of the books he translated, Beowulf was described as "...the mildest of men and the gentlest, kindest to his people." This, too, is true of Joe.