John R Kartes

May 27, 1964 to February 5, 2011

John lost his battle with Melanoma in a very short amount of time. He had his first surgery on March 8, 2010 and they removed the tumor on the back of his head and also a few lymph nodes. When the results came back, the cancer was in the lymph nodes so they went back in a week later and took out more lymph nodes; those all came back clean. At the end of 2010 John had his check-ups and was given a clean bill of health on December 15, 2010. He started feeling excrutiating back pain and went into the ER on January 14, 2011. He somewhat got his pain under control in order to lay in the MRI to find out that there were lesions on his spinal column. He then went in and had surgery to remove the ones causing pressure on his spinal cord. Over the next 3 weeks, John fought his battle with cancer very hard. He had his ups and downs and within those 3 weeks the cancer had unknowingly spread into every organ of his body. He died peacefully in the very early morning of February 5, 2011. We did not understand the severity of Metastatic Melanoma and we were told he had about a year without doing any treatment options. His death was very unexpected, but we know how he is not fighting anymore.

We, his family, are getting active in the involvement of Melanoma and trying to let people know the severity of it. During his last three weeks we felt blindsided by how fast it progressed and we didn't see it coming.

John is truly missed by all that had the opportunity to get to know him. He was a loving and caring Father, Fiance, Son, and Brother. We know he is watching over us every day and we miss him deeply. It keeps us at peace that we know he is not fighting anymore. Melanoma might have won this battle, but John has won the even bigger battle....he is in no pain and is at home with our Lord and Savior.