Kathy Salling

September 3, 1939 to March 28, 2000

I am submitting this photo of my wife, Kathy Salling. The photo was taken in 1960, the year we married and the year she became a Registered Nurse (RN). Kathy was born Sept. 3, 1939 and lost her battle with Melanoma on Mar. 28, 2000. In between we had 4 kids and 7 grandkids. Kathy's primary tumor appeared in 1976 and after surgery and an experimental immuno therapy program she was pronounced "cured." In 1998 she suffered a recurrence in the form of skin mets and sub-Qs on her upper body plus liver mets. After 5 cycles of Bio/Chemo (Legha Protocol) cleared the liver mets, we started Varidose Vaccine at JWCI ( Dr. Glenn Tisman.) She subsequently developed mets to the bone ( a titanium rod replaced the humerus in her left arm), brain mets requiring radiation, stomach lining and small intestine mets plus numerous sub-Qs returned. She also had mets in her abdominal cavity outside her colon. During her 2 year fight after the recurrence, she had about 40 tumors surgically removed but in the end we just couldn't remove them all. It seems she had mets everywhere in her body except the lungs.