Kristine Relvini

July 2, 1968 to August 3, 2005

Kristine was diagnosed July 15th, 2002 with Stage II melanoma. She died August 3rd, 2005, shortly after her 37th birthday. Kristine fought valiantly in those three short years and despite her illness, managed to complete the NYC Marathon, give birth to a beautiful baby boy, go on a cruise to the Virgin Islands several times and went on a trip to Hawaii. She never let the beast control her life and always remained upbeat and optimistic. She suffered miserably during her last two years but always managed to smile and bring happiness to me and our boy, Michael. She was determined to fight to the very end and she did. Although the beast may have taken her body, her spirit and love will be with us every single day from now to eternity. I will always love you and miss you terribly. Your husband, Mario