Kyle E Ericksen

January 14, 1971 to September 25, 2000

Kyle Edvard Ericksen was born on 1/14/1971 and died 9/25/2000. He was 29. Kyle only lived 15 months after he was diagnosed with the beast. His treatment was experimental and it failed. He loved music, the ocean, skateboarding, his dog Tucker, his family, and life. He was the light of our life; a very big and painful hole will always remain in our hearts. We miss him so very much. He has one sister Kindra.

The following is a poem that I once saw posted on MPIP, I borrowed it, and had it put on a tile for Kyle's headstone. Music was so important to him.

Kyle, your music will always continue life is much like music. A well-lived life plays on forever in the minds, and the hearts, and in the very souls of all who hear it. Each life's song is but a blend of the notes given to us by God at the moment of our birth. We put the story to the melodies that we choose by the way we live each day. Throughout our lives, we add to this mix the notes from the lives of all who touch us deeply. And they, in turn, live on in us… and the music continues. Let Kyle's "Song" be remembered... and live on… in all who knew him.

We love you Kyle,
Mom, Dad and Kindra