For My Mom

February 29, 1944 to April 13, 2012

My mother was diagnosed Jan. 2011 with stage IV melanoma.  She was the strongest, bravest, most loving woman I have ever known.  She never compained once through all of the treatments, surgeries, pain, bad news, or realization that toward the end, she would be leaving her beloved family behind.  She was an inspiration to all of us on how to live your life to the fullest, with kindness and love in your heart, no matter what the circumstances.  She never became angry or bitter, just kept fighting as best she could, never losing hope.  On her last day on earth, she summoned up enough strength to tell her children and husband how much she loved us and was proud of us all, but it was her family that was the proudest of all to have had such a special person in our lives, even if her time was much too brief.  You will forever live in our hearts and memories.  We love you, Mom.