Richard G Roach

December 21, 1943 to April 28, 2005

Richard was born 12/21/43 in Plymouth, MA. Grew up in Long Island, NY., and lived with his wife in Scranton, PA. He was a hard worker and never complained about his life although it must have been difficult for an un-educated man. Richard never received a high school education, having had rheumatic fever as a young boy and having learning disabilities, although back in the 1950's they didn't know enough about learning disabilities to even diagnose it as that. He did become an eagle scout with the boy scouts and loved to travel. He worked hard as a laborer and a caddy. He was always happy and ready to lend a helping hand to all. He was loved even by his doctors and nurses because of his pleasant attitude! Working as a laborer in the hot sun with no shirt on his back may have been one of the reasons for the melanoma. He was first diagnosed in 1999 after a bout with pneumonia. After some tests the doctors found a spot on his lung. We were all surprised when they said it was Melanoma. We thought melanoma was a skin cancer and didn't realize it was already advanced. it spread to his brain, then throughout his body. He was such an inspiration to be around! All he wanted to do was get better and get back to work!