Ronald W. Parson

December 31, 1949 to October 6, 2010

Dad was a strong, hard working entrepreneur who loved the outdoors.  I'll always be amazed at his ability to build or make anything with his hands, there was nothing he couldn't do.  He instilled that same work ethic in me, with attention to detail to do things right, if your going to do them at all.  A man of few words, who was always willing to help those in need.  Love, Tim

My PaPaw meant very much to me, I miss him deeply!  I smile remembering all the fun times we had together.  He cared about the little things in life and I look up to his genuine character that always shined.  Love, Alyssa

My PaPaw loved lots of adventure, like me.  The day he passed I was heartbroken!  I will always remember his sweet scratchy kisses and bear hugs.  Love, Ava Marie

Your bright brown eyes and smile are held dear to our hearts.  As the days turn to years where time and space mark a distance, our memories bring us back close to you.  I'm grateful to have had the privilege of becoming a Parson.  We patiently await the day where all of us can be together again!  Love, Rebecca