January 21, 1950 to June 20, 1995

My momma was a very strong woman.  The strongest I’ve ever known.   I can remember when she showed me the strange mole on her leg, and we talked about how it had started to change.  We had never heard of melanoma. She was a hard headed woman and had no medical insurance.  She would not see a doc; she said it would go away.  Then, about 2 years later, we got her to go to the doctor, but by then the cancer had taken over her body and was into her lymph nodes.  They quit counting at 17 tumors in her head alone.  That was in April of 1995.  She was gone by June.   Then my aunt, her sister, and one of her sons had moles removed that were also melanoma.  In a matter of 3 months, a cancer we had never heard of seemed to take over my family.  Now, 15 years later, my 19 year old son needs to have one removed.  I wish we would have known 15 years ago what that strange mole was.  Maybe today my momma could be here to see her grandsons going on missions and becoming a USMC. We still miss her dearly every passing day.