Sissy - our bright shiny star!!

January 22, 1974 to July 22, 2010

To my beautiful and relentless sister, Sarah Joy Flakus Leach. Your spirit and passion for life was unmatched. You were an amazing mother who taught her kids to smile, have fun and BE HAPPY!  You were relentless in your battle and your strength and courage is mind boggling to me.  At the same time, not so much, because you were simply amazing at EVERYTHING you did.  You were so LOVED. I think about your infectious and beaming smile everyday and know that you are rooting on your Huskers in heaven.  I am so thankful that you were my sister, and I live for the day I get to join you in heaven and see your beautiful face again. My heart hurts...but I live in the wonderful memories of the life we shared together. Thank you for being my sister.  I love you with everything I got!!