Terry Schwear

August 12, 1943 to October 22, 2005

My dad was a very unique man to say the least. Everyone who was fortunate enough to have him in their lives can attest to that fact. He had a wonderful sense of humor and loved to make people smile. His battle with Melanoma was not a long one. We found out on July 19,2005. We took him to the ER thinking he was suffering from the effects of heat stroke or something similar. I never expected to hear the 'C' word. It wasn't until days later we found out it was melanoma. There were no outward signs -he didnt have strange discolorations, lesions...anything that would have indicated a trip to the doctor was needed. By the time he started having symptoms the disease had already spread to his brain. He had radiation which eased the symptoms and did the Temodar chemotherapy drug but in the end, God called him home. There are no words that will completely express my feelings of loss. I know he is in a better place than we all are ...I know that. But that doesnt make me miss him any less. I was blessed to have him as my father...and life here on Earth will never be the same without him.