Vicky Sue Compton Palmer, Wife, Mother, Sister, Friend

September 1, 1951 to September 18, 2011

It is almost impossible to buttonhole Vicky Palmer into a category.  To quote her sisters, she was "Steel Magnolia", "Lonesome Dove" and "Willie Nelson".  She was the unique person who did not throw away any friend or relative.  Her fan club was so diversified, eclectic, and steadfast.

Vicky was that one person who grabbed life and squeezed out every minute of every day.  Just being with her was an adventure and you never knew where or when she would run into someone she knew, or someone who knew someone she knew.

Vicky was a collector.  Not only did she collect "things", she collected people from all walks of life, ages, professions.  She was a daughter, sister, wife, mother, nurse, but most of all a friend.

Vicky loved music.  Her collection was very diversified, but she loved Texas country music the best.  Willie Nelson, Eleven Hundred Springs, Dale Watson, on and on and on.  She was always up to a concert, it didn't matter if it was in Dallas or Fort Worth or Pfluggerville or Stephenville, wherever, whenever.

Vicky loved to take vacations with family and friends.  Whether it was to New Braunfels, Crystal Beach, Lake Whitney, Lake Powell, Hot Springs, Las Vegas, or New York City.  If someone wanted to go somewhere, she was always up for a new adventure.

Vicky was a care giver.  She was a nurse by career, and it didn't matter whether she was working at a large hospital intensive care center, or in the Mesquite ISD nurse's office, she took care of every patient with the same tough love approach.  She was the one family and friends could call upon at any time for advice.  She would let you know whether to be concerned or to just get on with it.

Vicky loved everyone, but the person she loved the most was Ron, her husband of 33 years.  They were not only a couple, they were soul mates, partners in all things and the parents of three wonderful sons, Brad, Todd, and Paul.  To say Vicky loved her boys, was like saying the earth rotated today.  She wasn't one for slathering them with hugs and kisses, but they never doubted her absolute love and dedication.

Ron, her love; Brad, Todd, and Paul, her boys; Pat, Judy, Celia, and Jimmie, her sisters; her extended family and friends, all are missing Vicky, each in their own way, through their own memories, and will for a very long, long time.  BUT she will be remembered, missed, and cherished through these memories forever!