2012 stage 1 what should I watch for?

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1/2/2018 1:20am
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I was dx with 1A on my left leg no follow up testing by recommendation of the oncologist due to its depth. Over the last year my dermatologist felt a lymph node in my groin area but as I’m a thin person she said sometimes you can feel them more on that body type. Also through the year I have a lipoma in my left upper arm, underneath, I have to raise my elbow to let them check it. I have been having migraines for years. That run in my family but they have been well controlled on an preventative medicine. I feel ok. My husband says I’m sweating profusely at night. He says it really gross. I don’t sweat during the day. I feel like I’m hypersensitive for some reason. I can now feel the lump in my groin along with one in my breast the lipoma and in my neck. 

What should I look for?  39 year old mama.