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11/8/2017 8:25am
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I just want to make sure that I am not going out of my mind here!  After my last visit with my doctors they have decidied to watch and wait for 3 months. My sentinel biopsy came back 1 node was positive and 1 node was negative.  They are not wanting to do the total lymph node disection or treat with any kind of meds right now. I am kind of feeling uneasy about this. Maybe this is ok? Maybe its not....I feel as if we need to be doing something, since he staged me at Stage III B.  My husband and I decided to get a 2nd Opinion. Am I going out of my mnd....?!?!?!

Anonymous - (11/8/2017 - 8:46am)

Yervoy is often prescribed as an adjuvant therapy for stage III, but it has lots of possible side effects.  Do you have other health issues that might be the reason this wasn't suggested?  Other than Yervoy, there isn't much left for treatment options unless you can find a clinical trial.  Are your docs melanoma specialists?  Watch and wait has always been a valid treatment option for stage III.  Node dissection has been recently shown to not increase survival so I can see that not being offered.

jjk17 - (11/8/2017 - 9:02am)

I have no other health conditions. I guess I don't get the whole "wait and watch" thing. I mean why are we taking the chane incase something is there....?!?

MovingOn - (11/8/2017 - 10:24pm)

Do you have cancer centers nearby? Research hospitals (usually associated with a university)?

Try to find a melanoma specialist for the second opinion. 

This is just my opinion but I would opt for Keytruda or Nivo over Ipi. I believe that most melanoma specialists are now choosing the PD1 blockers over Ipi as a first line of treatment (due to supporting research giving them this option which wasn’t previously available to them). Better efficacy percentages and fewer side effects. But Ipi has saved many lives so I have nothing against it.

2018 is a new year!

ed williams - (11/9/2017 - 1:07pm)

Hi jjK17, just to add to what movingon gave you, here is a link to ESMO presentation of data in Adjuvant melanoma from fall 2017. Wishing you the best!!!Ed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gvIHi0BLOM

Bubbles - (11/10/2017 - 9:49am)

It is my belief that the more you know the better....  Along with the information others have already shared...it may be wise to look at this post I recently put together as things in melanoma adjuvant treatment are changing rapidly: 


I wish you well.  Celeste