8 years ago today, July 11, 2006

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7/11/2014 9:51am
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8 years ago today my husband, Jim, was diagnosed with Nodular Melanoma.  Jim's Melanoma was on his scalp...and he made the decision to not do the WLE, SNB, or any other normal treatment.  He went the alternative way.  He was all about QUALITY OF LIFE, instead of the time remaining.  His was already vascular invasive when we found it.  For 4 years 2 months he led his life the way he wanted to. He was only sick for 3 months. He never questioned or regretted any of his decisions.  He was my hero, the love of my life, my very best friend, the wind beneath my wings,  Jim won his battle with Melanoma on Nov 30, 2010.

It has now been 3 years 7 1/2 months ....since the Angels took Jim home.  I think of you all often.  I come here everyday.  It is a part of my life.  Once a year I do a Melanoma Walk in Dallas, Texas on the first Saturday in May.

I am still working full-time at age 68, and will continue for a few more years.  I  have had to move my mama here and put into an Assisted Living...So I work, then go see her each evening.  Life has been hard, but I am stronger than I thought I could ever be.  I still am getting some counseling sessions.  It was so hard to lose the love of my life.  He passed 4 days before our 43rd anniversary. We were from that generation where the man took care of his wife. Well, I have learned to take care of myself.

I am here often to check on people...I don't comment a lot, but I read your stories.  I wish you all the very best, and however you fight this beast, give it your all, make your decisions, don't regret, and don't look back.  It looks like new and better options and trials are out there, and that is wonderful.


Take Care,

Sherron, wife to Jim (FOREVER & ALWAYS)

His profile is under my name - Sherron



Fen - (7/11/2014 - 11:47am)

Sherron - I'm so sorry for you loss but admire the path you've taken.  It must be very difficult to learn to do all that Jim did for you, but it sounds like you have been successful at it.  You are a role model for all around you and I'm sure Jim is smiling down being very proud of how you've chosen to live your life.   Fen

Very touched by your story. Beautiful that in times of 70% divorce rates the two of you made it to close to 43 years and "forever and always". I can understand you still think of him every day! Be strong though & enjoy life. Best, Rick

Thanks for sharing Sherron.  Congrats on 43 wonderful years of marriage.  That is a fantastic accomplishment.  Thanks for staying engaged and for your melanoma walk participation.  Hopefully others in the future won't have to experience the loss you've had to endure. 


I remember and was shocked that much time has passed.  Wishing you well.


Cancer Sucks Shit Happens Nothing is ever 100% bad, there is a reason and silver lining in everything. Sometimes I need a good light and my glasses to find it though. You can't fix stupid.

Anonymous - (7/12/2014 - 2:48pm)


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