Ablation for bone and other tumors - anyone heard of this?

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3/9/2014 9:07pm
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Anyone done or heard of ablation (either radiofrequency ablation or cryablation) of a cancer tumor especially a bone tumor?
Anyone know how affective it is?

Looks like there are only a few places in the world to have it done. In the USA looks like for bone tumors only Rita Medical Systems (now AngioDynamics) in MountainView California.

Seems like they have good success for up to 7cm tumors although the larger the tumor the less successful they are.

Seems like they are using this for malignent lesions such as metastaic bone disease. (ie: where all my melanoma currently is).

Basically my current idea to keep from being paralyzed is radiation that starts tomorrow but if that doesn't get rid of the T10 vertebrae tumor I'm looking at other options for that specific tumor. Of course I will also continue the Tafinlar/Mekinist combo as I also try to get into a PD1 trial all assuming the radiation gets my spinal cord safe enough to travel. Yeah slightly complicated changing plan but I gotta try to do what I gotta do.


I don't know a thing about ablation. However, I do seem to remember hearing that it is used in Europe. You could try posting your question on the Melanoma International Foundation forum. 

hi Arthur


My niece was waiting for that to be done on her inoperable lung tumor. They are doing this now at Moffit research hospital in Tampa Florida.

She lives near Moffit research hospital in Tampa, so she gets notified of all the trials going on.

Her tumor is too small at this point and they are waiting for it to get bigger. Isnt that weird ?

Apparently they either superheat or superfreeze the tumor from within. This is the only thing I have heard of it. But it sounds promising on bone lesions.

I will let you know if she gets accepted soon.


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My husband had cryoablation on his  rib last June it had been growing now it is stable again. He also had cryoablation on a lung tumor almost 6 weeks ago it is to early to tell how well it did . He is a patient at MDAnderson.


Hmm. Thank you all. Looks like this is something I might need to do.