Adding Yervoy to Opdivo???

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10/12/2017 7:12am
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Hi All,
I am little confused and I need any ideas from you:
Since 2016 Nov I have gotten treatment with Opdivo (before I took mekinist + tafinlar 2014 - 2016)
But in 2017 Sept PET CT showed new MTS in liver and pleura.
My doctor advices me to add Yervoy (3mg per 1 kg) and decrease Opdivo from 3mg/1 kg to 1mg/1 kg

Did anybody the same therapy, I mean adding Yervoy after regression on Opdivo, or probably another options?
Thanks in advance! 

Bubbles - (10/12/2017 - 10:38am)

Sorry you are dealing with this.  Yes, Opdivo alone produces about a 40% response rate in melanoma patients.  When you add ipi to it...response rates can be 50% plus.  After having progressed while on opdivo, it is a little bit of a different story...but since you have been off it a while (taking the BRAF/MEK products....if I understand your comment correctly) it may well be a good thing to try.  Here is a report I put together on all the melanoma therapies and how they work:  

If you scroll down the post to the anti-PD-1 section you will find a lot of info about nivo (Opdivo), including dosing, and there's even an additional link included about the ipi/nivo combo.  Hope this helps.  I wish you well.  Celeste

CajunEagle - (10/12/2017 - 11:36am)

May, 2016 I had my right ear......ear canal....and mastoid bone removed due to recurrant Melanoma.  Flap from my left thigh was made to cover area.  All margins were reported as clear.  Damn stuff returned inside the flap in April of 2017.  Placed on Keytruda throughout this past Summer, and most recent PET showed tumour had doubled in size.  Have had one infusion of Opdivo + Yervoy, and side effects have been somewhat harsher but tolerable.  Have no idea how long this protocol will last.  Oncologist say till it works.  Working on eating and staying hydrated.


Larry Luster

zont - (10/12/2017 - 11:59am)

Celeste , 

what is a very good article! Thanks a lot!

Yes I was taking tafinlar - mekinist almost 2 yeasr and had NED.

>>After having progressed while on opdivo, it is a little bit of a different story...

Actually this is my doubt :  whether make sense to add yervoy to nivo or not in my case.


I did not find anwer yet :(

or probably to add tafinlar - mekinist back.

Different doctors say different :)

And one more question:

Could you advice me a good oncologic, which could online (skype mail ets) with me?

PS Sorry for mu English


Bubbles - (10/12/2017 - 1:40pm)

You are correct, it is tricky to think about continuing a treatment if you have already progressed on it.   However, there are those in the data, as well as here on this board, who have progressed on anti-PD-1 alone...but then stabilized or regressed on the ipi/nivo combo.  Mat is one.  Here is a link from this board where he mentioned his situation:  

There are many new combo's that you might consider as well.  Check out the link Ed gave you and let us know if you have more questions.  Celeste

zont - (10/17/2017 - 11:12am)

Hi Celeste and Ed!

Thanks you very much.
It's a usefull link

I and my doctor decided to add Yetvoy and check result  after 2-3 months

ed williams - (10/12/2017 - 12:37pm)

Hi Zont, here is link talking about the subject of progression from this summer, ONclive with great panel of melanoma experts. Hope it is helpful!!!! Ed