altenative treatment to slow mets

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4/20/2014 12:50pm
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anyone have experiance with the following where there has been some research on

celebrex 400 to 800 mg a day


ketogenic diet

IMHO - celebrex alone won't do much but perhaps give you an ulcer and may put you at risk for heart attack.  Celebrex isn't all that bengin.  As for ketogenic diet, please don't do that with metformin.  A ketogenic diet produces ketone bodies which in high levels can caue coma - think diabetic coma.

Now if you add metformin which reduces blood sugar, that can all be very dangerous.  Our brain can only metabolize glucose.  Doing all that and taking Celebrex might just wind you up in the hospital in worse shape.  If anything "alternative" has some chance, tumeric seems to hold some promise in the petri dish.

Remember, alternative doesn't always mean better or bengin, or less side effects.  I prefer complimentary - doing anything to help your immune system.

Carole K had great success with aruvedic medicine that was prescribed by an MD (correct me if I am wrong Carole =).

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