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2/24/2012 12:43am
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My Mom is stage 4 with mets. She did IL2, Yervoy and in January completed morab004 study but nothing helped. She does not want to do chemo, late last year she did do radiation on the primary tumor (on her upper arm) as it was getting quite large but says she doesn't want to do it again. The doctors say there is only one other option, which includes high doses of chemo, so I am searching for alternative treatments. Any information would be appreciated.

We need more information on your Mom. Has she had her tumors evaluated for mutations (Braf, CKit, Nras, etc.)? What is her HLA type?  Without that information, we would be throwing darts.


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If she is BRAF + - give Zelboraf a try.  



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I would suggest doing Zelboraf with a MEK or PI3K inhibitor if possible. If you do Zelboraf alone, she may become resistant over time.


Jimmy B

Carole K - (2/24/2012 - 11:16pm)

Hi David,

I frequented MPIP from 1999 until around 2008.  Sadly, I don't come here very often but am making an effort to do so.  Life just caught up with me..

I was dx in 95 as a stage II with an ulcerated mole on my back and progressed to stage IV in Feb 2000 with lung mets.  knowing the prognosis and in the middle of divorce I was not willing to have my lung removed and undergo wicked treatments.. Just wasn't for me.  I saw an east/west doctor in NY who trained at Sloane Kettering.  I saw him for about eight months and did well , no growth of the lessions.  He recommended I see a doctor at NYu who is now my oncologist. 

Thankfully, Dr. Chachoua , the man in my life ordered a CT of the brain despite my assuring him there was matter up there.  When the results came back there was a spot on my brain..  I was stunned and an MRI confirmed the dx.. I decided to do Gamma Knife to discover my tumor burst and bled which required a craniotomy.  The treatment options were not what I wanted to do. I knew too much, had just been divorced two months and my daughters had gone through hell.

I am a stong believer in Faith and for the first time listened to my gut.  I had met three different people who told me about Iscadore ( mistleto) treatment.  I saw an anthroposophical doctor, who prescribed my cocktail.... two injections daily three times a week of Iscador, for the cancer,  Astralagu for the immune systerm and Formica for overall well being.

That was 11 years and 1 month ago after surgery for Brain Met.  I am doing well, living life and loving it.  I built a house , saw both of my daughters get married and Just blessed with my third grandchild.  Blessings are many. 

This may not be for your Mom but just wanted to tell you about another option..  Side affects were minimal, just occassional redness at the injection sight.  If I can be of any help just let me know.

Hang in there.

Love and Light


Gene_S - (2/25/2012 - 12:31pm)

In all of the hundreds of hours that I have spent researching a cure for my melanoma I can't recall anyone benefiting from doing chemo for melanoma. Personally, I would seek another doctor/opinion.  Do a search on "Ralph Moss and melanoma" for some more alternative info. 

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boot2aboot - (2/27/2012 - 3:17pm)

Carole! Awsome! gives me hope!

chemo for mel sucks...that was the first treatment i got and what a waste of time and health...dicarbazine, cisplatin, carboplatin all at once...did nothing but make the tumors grow...targeted therapies is the way to go, that or older anti Pd1 trials...


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