am I the only one with a viewing problem?

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7/28/2010 7:41pm
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I don't seem to have a ..well..bottom, to the screen when I open a I can't scroll from left to right, only up and down. So I can't see a whole post. The right side is cut off for me. To read Janis' reply to Charlie down below, I had to actually hit the 'reply to' button, then it showed up above the reply spot.

am I alone in this? does everyone else have a horizontal scroll bar along the bottom of the posts?



It's possible that the default resolution for the website is 1024x768.  Netbooks like yours with a very small screen don't usually operate at that resolution.  So you would probably have to scroll to see everything.  Not sure this is your issue, but it seems possible.


Anonymous - (7/28/2010 - 8:04pm)

Try scrolling with the cursor keys (left and right).

I'm on a netbook, too. But I do have the usual horizontal scroll bar on the bottom of the window. Not sure why it is missing for you. What browser are you using? 

Dian -- It's possible your window was enlarged too much and the bottom is off your screen. Try resizing the window from the top -- make it smaller -- then drag the window up by the title bar and maybe you will then see the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom.

This post was a good excuse to try out the new BB!

hey..I don't know how or why, but NOW I have that bottom bar again. I had tried resizing abd closing and reopening before.

anyway..some glitch with my own machne I guess.

thanks gang.