amelanotic Melanoama or morpheaform BCC from DNS mild removal??

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4/11/2013 7:16pm
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I had a dysplastic nevus (mild) removed (shave) and there is now this bubble that looks a whole lot like an amelanotic melanoma or a morpheafor BCC.  I keep asking my derm if it's suspicious and he says it's an overgrown scar.  It itches all the time and I continue to ask him about it because it keeps itching and looks awful compared to the other biopsies I had.  I have had atleast 20 and my question is:  Is it possible to grow a skin cancer from an atypical shave  biopsy.  Should I get a 2nd opinion?

Comparing your scar to pictures on the internet is unlikely to be of much help.  Truthfully.  It IS most likely scar tissue.  It's possible that it is just a keloid scar.   I'd say it is highly unlikely to be either cancer you mention.  But here's the deal.... YOU are the one paying the bills.  If you want it biopsied, then tell the doctor.  If he won't, ask him to guarantee that it isn't anything in writing.  Somehow, that seems to spur doctors to possible do a biopsy.  If your derm won't do it, sometimes a primary care doc will.  You might consider going to a plastic surgeon to have the scar "revised" and have the area sent to pathology at the same time. 

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I would say that since this is concerning you, you should seek a second opinion..and have it removed. Something I always try to think  about is " will this be a decision I can live with if..." So, in this case, I just would want to be sure. I spotted my amelanotic melanoma early early on... it was growing right next to a freckle, and I asked one of my nurse friends if it looked at all unusual. Went with her assesment of it and never had it checked until years later when it had grown. My two cents worth. Most times these things turn out to be nothing...


I will definitely check it out with another dermatology, do a biopsy if comes back undetermined, go for third opinion. We had a similar start to our now nightmare. Don't mean to scare you but better know what it really is and don't wait.

Do you mind sharing your story anonomyous?