Amelanotic Melanoma??

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9/11/2017 9:34pm
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A I'm just learning about this fatal cancer that doctors miss a lot apparently. Why? Because it doesn't look like the typical melanoma!!!! Oh my gosh!! And how I found out about it was tryin to research a spot that popped up 7 months ago and has drastically changed literally in two days! I made an appointment today and I'm sick and terrified. Does anyone know much about this type of cancer?

Chasity bray

SOLE - (9/11/2017 - 11:23pm)

I was diagnosed last year with amenalotic nodular acral melanoma. A supposedly pyogenic granuloma. Turned out to be melanoma. Started as a blood blister. Changed over some months. Ended up looking as a pencil eraser under my right foot. Very very bad location. Ulcerated and deep; at least 2.85mm. Did not get clear margins at initial biopsy. Residual melanoma found when WLE. In short, very bad. Am out one year waiting for my PET/CT scan. Cant describe the horrific days I'm living.

I cant believe you have a tumor as bad as mine.

Take care.

Chasbray - (9/11/2017 - 11:36pm)

I'm sorry I don't much about any cancers. What does the clear margin mean? I don't know yet if this is benign or not yet. I pray it is. 

If you don't mind me bad are your days? Is this a hard cancer to live with? Do you know yet if your cancer free? Did you have radiation or chemo? I'm so sorry you have this type. I've read so much about it that's why I am so scared. How old are you??

Chasity bray

MovingOn - (9/13/2017 - 4:09pm)

Chas, you aren't getting many replies because the chances of your mole being Melanoma are very low. Please try to keep things normal while you wait for the doctors appointments. With melanoma there is a lot of waiting because overreacting can be worse than taking a few extra days/weeks for action.


Please let us know how things went after your appointment and the larger group here can be very helpful with fully understanding a condition or action/treatment plan.


All the Best,


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