Another Biopsy Question

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11/7/2017 2:07pm
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My anxiety is off the chart waiting for this biopsy to happen. It was scheduled for November 15 so I figured due to the upcoming holiday it would be several more weeks before I would get results AFTER the biopsy. I emailed my dermatologist this weekend asking her if there was any possible way to move it up, explaning my anxiety situation (and my past history with anxiety). She responded that she does not have anything available on her schedule before the 15th, but she spoke with her colleague who is a mohs? surgeon and she has an opening this Thursday if I would prefer to switch. My follow up would still be with my dermatologist, the biopsy would be with the colleague/surgeon.  Not knowing what all of this means but knowing how my anxiety is affecting me, I'm inclined to take the open spot on Thursday. This is a biopsy of my nail matrix, I will have the nail removed and the skin underneath it biopsied. Does this sound reasonable? Forgive my ignorance, but will the surgeon know what to look for as far as the biopsy goes. Will this be a reliable biopsy? 

Melissa M - (11/7/2017 - 2:21pm)

I am not familiar with that kind of biopsy personally, but I am sure any competent surgeon could do it. It might be worth switching just so you can start the process sooner and start to hopefully reduce your anxiety. Way to advocate for your care! Best wishes!

Janner - (11/7/2017 - 4:17pm)

A Mohs surgeon typically does a bit different type of excision - it is a staged excision.  Take some tissue, analyze it, then take more if necessary.  Not typically done for melanoma for various reasons.  But if all this surgeon is going to do is remove the nail and take a punch or excision, I can't see the harm.  Mohs surgeons are typically trained in plastic surgeon techniques and pathology too.  I can't imagine doing a biopsy would be a problem for them.