Another good Scan!

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6/19/2017 12:53pm
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My latest scan showed that my tumour has shrunk further.  When I started the tumour was 5.5cm.  After 3 months it was 3.1cm and now it's 2.9cm.  Not as much of a decrease as I was hoping for but I'll take it!

My oncologist also mentioned that what sometimes looks like a tumour on a CT can actually be scar tissue.  Has anyone had that happen?  I'm praying that there are no active melanoma cells in there and its just scar tissue remaining!


jennunicorn - (6/19/2017 - 12:59pm)

Great news Mark! Yes, sometimes things can look like a tumor on CT but when a PET is done it shows no uptake.. that's why some places do PET/CT combo scans, so they can compare right away. I'm sure you'll get a follow up PET at some point to check on uptake. 

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My oncologist mentioned that sometimes there is scar tissue left behind.  I've had only CT scans and MRIs so far but I think that if they suspect scar tissue they do PET scans.

Glad things are still shrinking.  Best wishes to you.