Anti-LAG-3 Trial -- Scan Report

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8/16/2017 2:38pm
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I got the results of my CT scan at the end of the first 45 day cycle of the anti-LAG-3/Opdivo combo trial yesterday. I'm going to classify the results as "mixed."

When evaluated using the RECIST 1.1 protocol I have been classified as having "stable disease." There are two "target" lesions. One grew by 7% and the other was unchanged, as measured using that protocol. So that fits the qualilfications for stable disease. But two other, "non-target" lesions were classified as " more prominent.

Looking at the standard radiologist report of the scan, there is currently no cancer in any of my organs, which of course is good news. The lung nodules that were killed by Keytruda are gone and nothing new has taken their place. But several lymph nodes in my chest are all larger. I am hoping that is due to something like t-cell infiltration. I didn't see Dr. Sharfman yesterday, I saw the nurse practitioner instead. And she told me that is certainly possible, and added that I am "still very early in the game."

So yesterday I received the first infusion in cycle 2. I have a ton of questions for Dr. Sharfman in two weeks, mainly how I should be feeling about these results. One bit of good news: my lipase has returned to normal. I guess I'll have a clearer picture of everything around the beginning of November.


Anonymous - (8/21/2017 - 3:13pm)

Thank you for sharing your experience here and I hope your next scan is good. I wondered if you had any sense of anyone else's results from the trial so far? I recall your saying you'd met other people in the trial. 

No, I actually have not met any other participants in the trial. Since Johns Hopkins schedules their research patients on the same days I have been there at the same time as others in this and other trials, and I saw one woman who had an adverse reaction, but I haven't really talked to anybody else.

There was a report last fall on a lymphoma site that mentioned early results from a couple of melanoma patients that looked positive. But since this is still a phase 1/2 trial data is hard to come by due to the numbers of us having been treated so far being very small. But with the cohort expansion, which I am a part of, there should soon be some solid info out there about how things are going.