ANTI PD-1 - what is it and who is it for?

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8/9/2011 4:53pm
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There is alot of talk about this new vaccine that is showing promise in clinical trials. That being said, is it only for BRAF positive people and can it be used after ipi? 


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This drug is also called MDX-1106. It sounds very promising thus far.

For a definition, you can go here:

Definition of Anti-PD-1 Human Monoclonal Antibody MDX-1106

There will also be a webinar on  August 17th at 5pm with Mario Sznol, as he presents an expert's presentation on this exciting new therapy. Dr. Sznol is a Professor of Medicine (Medical Oncology) and Co-Director of the Melanoma Program at Yale Cancer Center. He has been involved in pioneering this therapy that is akin to Yervoy and showing promising response rates in trials so far. 

You can register at:

Concerning the trials, no, I do not believe you have to be BRAF positive, but for two of the four trials listed you do have to be what is called HLA-A*0201 positive.

Here is a listing of the four trials listed:

The first trial listed is even given with ippi.

You can look at the inclusion/exclusion criteria for each, and also to see if it has a trial location in your area. If you are interested in one of the trials, you should call the contact info for that trial to verify that the information on is still accurate.

There is also what is called MDX-1105, which is a ANTI-PDL1. It says it is open, but I am not sure this trial is open yet as the drug was supposed to be reformulated. Again, call to verify.


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