Anti-pd1 trials galore!!!!

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12/3/2011 11:56am
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FYI - from my blog.....

This month marks a full year of my being under anti-PD1 treatment (MDX-1106 by Bristol Meyers Squibb) combined with vaccines at Moffitt in Tampa. However, anti-PD1 is now in development by 5 companies (BMS - MDX-1106, CureTech - CT-011, Merck/Scherring Plough - MK-3475/SCH 900475, Amplimmune/Glaxo Smith Kline - AMP-224, Genentec - no drug name yet).  However, the Genentec drug is technically an anti-PD1 ligand.  Trials for all of these include my BMS combo with vaccines at Moffitt as well as a new CureTech trial opening at Moffitt.  CureTech is also opening trials at Yale, Dartmouth, and locations in New York, Boston, Europe, and Israel. Merck/Sherring Plough is opening sites in San Antonio, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Toronto.  Amplimmune will have sites in Detroit, North Carolina, and Nashville. BMS also has trials in New York and at Yale. 


So far, BMS has been in the lead with trials already in process, but it looks like game on for the rest of them.  Hope, they know what they are doing and there is real promise here.  Usually pharma knows where to place it's we will data remains hard to come by....more on that next..... 

Best wishes to all......Celeste

Hope to see more of these continue to open and continue to work on patients, as it's one i'd love to use someday as another treatment!

Just hoping one comes to Pittsburgh at some point!

Cooper - (12/4/2011 - 8:46pm)

MIF forum has the full list and Pittsburgh was on it.

Cooper - (12/4/2011 - 8:47pm)

MIF forum has the full list and Pittsburgh was on it.

tampa trial rejects all who is not HLA-A2 so thanks for including other anti-PD1 trials...for those of us on zelboraf...we need to find effective treatment...this one looks promising...


don't back up, don't back down

Bubbles - (12/5/2011 - 8:40pm)

I don't think the CureTech trial that recently opened in Tampa at Moffitt will have that requirement because it will (as far as I know) NOT include the vaccine component.  You should check with them if you are interested.  The BMS anti-pd1 trail was combined with vaccines at Moffitt thereby creating that requirement.  I don't think others have that stipulation. C

Anonymous - (2/12/2012 - 8:28pm)

Thanks.. I am relooking at Anti pd-1 trials. Just found out last Friday Melanoma (primiary 11 yrs ago on chest then moved the to lung with surgical resection 8/11) has resurfaced 2/12 with one leison 1/4 inch size on the brain. My doctor wants me to start Yervoy/Ippy next Thursday and interview neurosurgeon and radiation doctor this Monday and Tuesday. I had heard the phase I trials with Anti Pd-1 were very successful and think I lean towards doing that first.. Does anybody know if anti-pd 1 trials require any other auto immune therapies first and would they fit sombody with melanoma mets in brain?