Any chance these aren't cancer? (Waiting on biopsy)

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7/11/2018 8:53pm
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Thirty-year-old male here, and I find myself in the same spot I was a year and a half ago: waiting on a biopsy of multiple atypical moles. I've never been diagnosed with melanoma, but there is a family history, and just today a doctor removed three "concerning" atypical moles, one each from my face, my arm, and my back.

The mole on my face appeared about two years ago and had grown since then, which is why I noticed it; the one on my arm had an irregular border, multiple shades of brown, and a tail; and the one on my back was jet black, alone on my whole body, and had an irregular border as well, in addition to being new.

Last year all of my biopsies came back benign, and man am I hoping for the same result this time 'round. Has anyone had moles like these that turned out to NOT be cancer?

There’s really no way to know without looking at the cells. I’ve had moles that looked scary that were anywhere from totally benign to severely atypical. The mole that really was diagnosed as Melanoma didn’t look alarming to my doctor at all. She only biopsied because I insisted.

Sorry but you must wait for the pathology. The waiting can be grueling. Melanoma is all about waiting ... 


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