Any "in person" support groups in NYC?

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3/12/2014 9:05am
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I am interested in joining a live support group that would meet on a weekly or monthly basis in or near NYC.  I have scoured the web and found nothing that fits. There are groups (whether cancer specific or not) for folks with active disease...but I am looking for one where survivors could meet on an ongoing consistent basis to talk about the issues that come up as a survivor. I have been disease free for several years, then had a local recurrence- am again disease free for a few years. I am noticing subtle (and not so subtle) changes in my outlook on life, personality traits, stress levels, etc.  Any information about existing groups would be greatly appreciated.

I live in the NYC area.   Not sure of any Melanoma specific support groups - generally I just reach out to some of the folks I know.  Although I'm sure something could be started?  Feel free to reach out.  


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Thanks Erin. I think we met in Parsippany last year at the Novartis clinical trial info session. Hope you are well. I saw another post below indicating there may others interested, and a place to meet. I will respond to Carole and see if we can all get something started. I will keep in touch.



I was very active on this board for many years and I did organize a support group in NYC.  Sadly, we did not have enough interest at the time.  If You are interested in my starting one I will reach out to some people I know where we may be able to meet.  Please email me at . I may know others who are interested as well.  I am a stage IV patient NED 12 years.  Hang in there and know I am here for you.

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Carole- I will email you. Thank you.

Thanks for your reply. I will check the website.