Anyone had a vaccination scar react to treatment?

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sister of patient
7/16/2017 3:27pm
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Not important, we're just curious. My sister's 50-year-old vaccination scar on her shoulder suddenly turned itchy, bumpy and developed a red ring around it. Her derm actually noticed and asked her about it, then he zapped it off.

Anyone else ever had any kind of immuno do that?

Thanks. Best to all!!


Well, I guess that's a "no" then. Thanks anyway.


I don't know if this is relevant or not but both my brother and I did not develop vaccination scars.  We got moles instead.  My vaccination mole which had done nothing since it first appeared, started acting up when I was taking ant-biotics (CIPRO).  It got so obnoxious looking, total strangers would stop me on the street and tell me to get it checked.  This was eleven years ago.  I do not have the path report as I was very uninformed at the time but I remember the dermatalogist saying it wasn't melanoma.  It was, however, raised(previously flat) and almost a dark shade of blue with a red ring around it.  I got a WLE at the derm' suggestion and that was it.  When I was finally diagnosed with metastatic melanoma in 2014, they said "unknown primary" so I've always wondered if the path report was wrong or if remnants of the mole were left behind and became melanoma later.  My brother's vaccine mole was determined to be his primary.

the connection between CIPRO and my mole changing was very obvious to me but I could find no information on the topic at the time and haven't looked since.



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