Anyone have experience with Dasatinib/Sprycel???

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9/17/2012 8:47pm
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My husband Scott was diagnosed a little over a month ago with stage 4 mucosal.  The cancer has spread to the liver, but not big time.  The source (primary) is the esophagus and it's inoperable.  

We found out that he was C-Kit positive and that there was a Dasatinib trial for C-kit patients going on 2 miles from our house at IU methodist in Indy. 

He started taking his pills Friday.  So far no side effects. Has anyone else tried this and how did it go?  How long do you think it takes to do anything?  They will do blood tests soon and then every 2 weeks. Scans will be every 6 weeks. 

He is so uncomfortable sometimes.  He is still working and carrying on as usual, but I know it's exhausting and painful at times. It's so hard to know this misery is going on and that I can't do anything to help.  He doesn't say anything about it but it's not hard to see.  I hope this stuff works!

For now he's just taking hydrocodone for pain and it works fairly well, but he's already getting used to it in just over a week.  Any suggestions??

Thanks, Lisa

Lisa, So glad to read that Scott started his trial drug, I hope he has a wonderful response. I would assume a targeted therapy drug would work fairly quickly, so hope he starts to feel better soon. If it doesn't work ask them about Gleevec, another Ckit drug, and if that drug ever works if Dasatinib fails, keep all options open! Keeping you and Scott in our positive and healing thoughts. Take care! Valerie (Phil's wife)

My partner was diagnosed with mucosal in her mouth 3-11. She had surgery to remove upper palate and did radiation follow up. In 12-11 it had moved to a lymph node in her neck and some lung nodules. She started dasatinib at 100 mg a day in January of 2012. Her first set of scans showed immediate improval on reduction of  the cancer. In March they reduced the dosage to 70mg a day due to severe fatigue and stomach pain. Since then She has done well on the drug and continues to see improvement. We go to MD Anderson every 28 days for blood work and scans everyother month. Her main complaint at this time with the drug is still a feeling of tiredness. Hope this helps.

Thanks guys for letting me know your experiences. 

It's good to hear a success story. 

Hopefully your wife continues to respond well. 

Scott is taking 70 right now and is having some stomach issues, but so far nothing horrible.  Fatigue is also an issue, but I think that was an issue before too. 

I appreciate the support from this group.