** anyone hear of a lymph node on the elbow ? **

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4/18/2011 6:21pm
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Okay the questions begin again....I have a lump on the tip of my elbow.  Not large, the size of a small pea, not too painful, just uncomfortable.  I went for xray today becase I did fall down the steps about four weeks ago.  I was praying that i have a bone chip or something.  The doctor says she thinks its a lymph node.  Ugh.  Now what?  I never heard of a lymph node on the tip of the elbow...

1)  She was just a medi-merge type doctor, maybe she knows nothing?

2) I called my doctor from the car and he will get back to me sometime soon.  I am still waiting for a phone call from April 7....(my melanoma guru --- not to comfortable with that office anymore but that is another story..I went to NY for this?) Time to venture to a new state for a new specialist...

3) The lump is on my right elbow.  My SNB was the left armpit.

4) Could we all just stop and pray that it is probably a calcium deposit or something? 

Just when I thought I was getting a little bit better with dealing, I am punched in the face with the fear of God.  Any info would be great, y'all!!

I just double checked....take a big sigh of relief, no lymph nodes in your elbow.  I don't think I'd go to that place again.  Don't you have a GP?  Chances are Mel isn't going to jump from left arm to right arm, it's going to find some nice warm spots in between.  The elbow is just a really nasty spot to hit, not unlike you tailbone. 

Life is too short to be anything but happy. Falling down is a part of life, getting back up is living.

THANKS  -  I am hoping that this is all just a freak thing.  There is a lump, no doubt, but hopefully just a calcium deposit, a bruised bone, (I was praying for a bone chip but that didnt go so well.. how many people pray for a bone chip !) 

I understand. When our daughter was 8 she had to have an eeg to see if she really did have petit mal epilepsy. I prayed she did because I knew I could deal with that...I couldn't handle the thought of any other possibility for her symptoms!  She did have it and it's gone now, she's 29.  Been clear since she was 11.

Actually there IS a lymph node near the elbow, but not on it; if you place your finger on the knob of your elbow on the inside of your arm and go up an inch or two, you will find the Supratrochlear Gland (node).

Here it is, compliments of Grays Anatomy (not the TV show, the medical book):



Charlie S

Thanks Charlie - I went to that site, and there it is, a lymph node.  However, FORTUNATELY my bump/lump is right on the tip of the outside of the elbow.  Praise God.  Thank you for always having information for so many people on here ! '


I was blessed with a lyphedema specialist for my physical therapist (she had a lot to tackle with me), she had studied in Germany at the feet of a Dr. who has done a lot of work with the lymphatic system and I remember her telling me we have over 800 (eight hundred) lymph nodes throughout our bodies...they're everywhere.  The elbow should fall in there somewhere, or as has been just pointed out, close to the elbow.

What I want to say is, if you don't feel comfortable where you're going, even if it IS to a melanoma guru....find another one that you ARE comfortable with.  There are many great gurus out there!

And, when you say, stop and pray, even if you're being facetious, I'll stop and pray for you.

God, while you don't give us cancer, you will definitely use it as a way to get our attention.  "Fear" is attached to cancer but you would rather we not have the fear, but have courage and strength, wisdom and clarity. You would rather we look to you and not cower.  That we stand tall and fight and fear can rob us of that.  I pray that this is nothing and that all is well. Lord, in your mercy, please help our friend cope, deal, hope, and get through this. Amen.

Thank you Carol, I was being somewhat serious about the prayer.  I feel like I need prayer for my mental health.!  


I went out and searched and searched for a melanoma specialist, and for me that was a long struggle because I dig deep, I want to know so much about them.  And now, I have this bad taste in my mouth.  Three weeks, THREE Weeks go by.  He confidently tells me a few days tops, I will have some information.  He is basically just taking my slides/pathology from my SNB and checking aggregates/measurements/ biological stuff to give me a better idea on having or not having more surgery.  To me, this is BIG TIME STUFF, not a sore throat, not an ingrown toe nail, it is CANCER.  And I get the shrug off by his 'right hand man' two weeks ago, and i get another shrug off today when i called for both my results of the pathology and to inform them that I may have another issue...

And this is the specialist, the melanoma specialist, the melanoma facility.  I would be better off staying right in my area if this is all that there is to offer.  I think the next stop is Univ of Penn.  That was my initial gut feeling to go there but changed my mind the last minute. 

I shall pray that prayer tonight and every night..thank you. !


You don't have to be on facebook to read all that's on the Melanoma Prayer Center page including the notes. You may find some help in your time of trouble.

grace and peace,