Anything new in the pipeline after Anti-PD1?

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2/25/2014 1:46am
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After anti-PD1 is approved is there anything in clinical trials that look promising? Anything big that is new or are the clinical trials looking at using the drugs in combination with each other?

Hoping to hear more positive news about the IDO1 Inhibitor trials-- there were a couple of posts regarding  this (INCB024360) together with IPI at the Angeles Clinic in Ca...From what I heard it seems very promising.  Also the Genetech/Roche  ADC chemo- delivery approach is rumored to be hitting home runs for some.  

Anonymous - (3/18/2014 - 5:59pm)

It looks like I'm also going to be looking for a new trial. The great thing is there is one out there some place for each of us it just finding it and deal with all the side affects which I can not complain about mine have been few. Itching lots of drainage most of my is help to my skin all my internal organs look great.