Approaching 4 years after in situ

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10/9/2018 11:42pm
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Hi to all. Prayers to everyone and only Have positive thoughts, pls  

White 40 y/o  male diagnosed in situ on my back with clear margins almost 4 years ago.

I am going to see my dermatologist next week for 6 month check up. For some reason I feel more nervous,  more time goes by, more  nervous I am . I visit this forum once in a while, and some people went from in situ to stage 4.  Is it really possible?  If yes, how much time?

Thank you all.  Be strong!

4 years is AWESOME!! You should be celebrating!! Instead, you're living in the fear fringes. The more you think about melanoma coming back, the more it's on your mind...and the more it's on your mind, the more nervous are...and the more nervous you are, the more you think about melanoma coming back. The cycle will keep going until YOU make a conscious choice to live your life. Otherwise, melanoma is running your life. So it's up to choose.

Wishing you health and happiness,