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6/8/2018 1:36pm
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So there is this:   Not surprisingly immunotherapy worked on melanoma brain mets.  But the presentation does give a pretty good over view of how times have changed in melanoma treatment.

And there's this:  Nothing too earth shattering here, either.  Yep.  Nivo does better than ipi as an adjuvant treatment (folks who have had their melanoma tumors removed) in Stage III and Stage IV patients of all stripes.  Stage III patients were disease free longer/more often than Stage IV on both drugs.  BRAF status made no difference.  And probably most important for melanoma world currently ~ while those with a higher PD-L1 expression did a bit better...folks with lower levels of expression STILL RESPONDED!!!!!

For what it's worth.  Happy Friday.  Celeste

bjeans - (6/11/2018 - 8:12pm)

Celeste, thanks so much for doing the heavy duty research - and translations!