Atypical cells left behind turning cancerous

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8/8/2017 5:13pm
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I've had more atypical moles removed than I can count. All mild and moderate. My doctor doesn't go back to remove all mildly atypical cells. Is this the norm? I'm so tired of hearing different things and reading different things and not knowing what to believe. Every mole I've had removed was changing. Why isn't it important to remove mildly atypical cells? Also, if these cells were to turn cancerous would I still be able to see it or would my scar cover it?  I honestly have no idea if I should be concerned about this or just let it go. I have a skin check in 10 days but I want advice from you guys before talking to my doc. I can spot the moles he's going to want to take off and he'll want to do a shave biopsy. Is this legit? I trust him but the interwebs contradict his theory on mild atypia (he doesn't think it's anything to worry about). Frankly, Dr. Google scares the living daylights out of me. If I'm over-reacting, don't hesitate to call me on it. Thanks, guys. I appreciate your time and knowledge.

If he is going to use shaves, ask him to take a bigger shave to remove the entire lesion so you are not in this position.  You want the shave deep enough that, if the lesion were to be melanoma, he doesn't bisect it.  That can be problematic for staging.  Mildly atypical moles are very unlikely to turn into something more sinister, but watch your scar area for pigment regrowth.  The scar won't cover it, the pigment will grow through it.  My derm would want all the mildly atypical cells removed, my previous derm did not.  There is no "standard of care" so you have to either work with your doc until you are comfortable, of find a different one.  YOU need to be happy, no one else.