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3/18/2017 3:40pm
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I will keep this short a year ago I observed a small brownish/pink mole that was a perfect circle and shiny.  Had the dermatologist remove it because it was in a spot where I kept looking at it and found myself constantly poking at it and feeling it.  When it was removed it was more pink/reddish thinking from me meddling with it.  I was told to return and they told me it was a spitz and they needed more skin since the slide showed it was extending into the lateral margin.   They cut it out and I was told margins were clear. The original shave got it all.

I was slightly concerned because my dermatologist said even if this lesion was a melanoma the treatment would be the same and nothing more could be done.  I get check ups at 6 months now.  

I asked to speak to the dermatopathologist and he was very informative.  He explained that to his eyes it appeared to be a traumatized spitz.  When I told him of my poking issue he said he was even more sure of the diagnosis. He is a very well trained dermatopathologist and is on faculty at one of the large teaching hospitals in my area. 

So my question is this ? Does it matter if this is a spitz or a melanoma?  If the treatment is the same nothing more could be done correct?  



UBContributor - (3/19/2017 - 11:07am)

Out of what you write, yes, watching and getting checked regularly would be the next steps. I personally would get regular CT scans, may be once in 2 years or something, just my personaly strategy..  

Anonymous - (3/19/2017 - 1:41pm)

CT scans without clinical reasoning is exposing oneself to unnecessary radiation and won't be covered by insurance. Just keep that in mind.