Back From MAYO - Unwanted Surprise!

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9/14/2018 10:01am
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I'm so glad to be back home, as of late, last night. Even being gone for just 4-5 days from my wife & kids is harder, these days. I'm sure many of you can relate!

That being true, I cannot say enough good things about the Team @ MAYO, Scottsdale AZ ... they are incredibly competent AND compassionate! Probably, it is the most comprehensive, multi-disciplined care I've ever received. Yes, the travel isn't particularly convenient but I know their medical expertise is what is required.

So ... I thought all was going well & according to the pre-op plan, Monday & Tuesday. Labs, samples, nuclear scan of the offending kidney, etc. Unfortunately, Wednesday afternoon's meetings w/ the Doctors yielded an unexpected & undesirable surprise - from lab results & assessment, they suspect cancer has spread to my intestines. Sheesh! Sometimes, I feel like it's all just a cruel game of dominoes :-(

Obviously, we're back to tissue & pathology. They have scheduled me to return, next week for a colonoscopy. At this point, they're keeping the nephrectomy on the schedule for the 25th, too but they clearly communicated the importance of prioritizing the instestinal diagnostic, 1st. If confirmed, it would change everything. I'm still a little numb, trying to process. Prayers appreciated!

Oh, dear!  Not the news you expected or wanted to hear.  I'm just glad they caught it!  This is a marathon, isn't it.  :(  

Strength and Courage,


Oh wow! Yep, its always a new adventure with our particular type of cancer, its a very "Travel" oriented cancer, it thinks it can just move throughout our body anywhere, anytime it wants! Oncological Scientists need to create a Wall, a perimeter,a dome or in what the Military calls " a Wire" of sorts to contain these little devils....we wish you well & longevity!...Mike

Im Melanoma and my host is Mike..

I'm so sorry that this is happening to you.  My brother is also treated at Mayo in Scottsdale and has had very good care.  You are in excellent hands - and we'll add our prayers.

Oh, sweetie!  I am so very, very sorry.  Cancer sucks great big green stinky hairy wizard balls!  Shoot.  Hang in there.  However, there is enough love and support on this board to rally me and you as well as the others in need.  Hang in there.  Love, celeste

Thanks, Susan, Mike & Grifsy ... I'm so grateful for your encouragement! Grifsy, I'm glad to hear your brother is receiving care @ MAYO & hope he is doing well.

Celeste, you BLOW my mind! I just read your blog & the on-going saga. Yet, as always, you manage to preserve your sense of humor & perspective. Throughout it all, You are AMAZING ;-)

Yes, you are right ... love & kindness are the salve we all desperately need to get through these trials. Knowing others face similar trials & struggle brings the comfort of community & shared experience. I do believe in the power of prayer & continue to lift up Celeste & everyone here!

I'm so sorry to hear.  You are tough and you can do this.  I had a difficult time processing and sometimes felt like the docs were moving faster than my brain could keep up.  This is important with Melanoma.  The beast is sneaky and tricky.

It sounds like you are getting amazing care and it is definitely worth the travel.  I'm just north of Boston and so I drive into Dana Farber.  It's 30 miles but sometimes takes 2 hours.  (Got to love the Boston traffic!)

I hope your melanoma journey goes well.

Good wishes to you and your family


Jennifer, thanks! I used to live in Providence & remember how fun Boston was ... traffic aside, of course ;-)