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5/10/2014 11:33am
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Hi everyone,

I haven't visited this page in a long time.  My husband is 12+ years NED after a diagnosis of 3a at age 26.  Lots of loss and joy since then: new jobs, new homes, the death of our infant son and the births of our beautiful daughters.  Life really does go on, and much happiness is in the smallest moments as well as the big events.

Reading over the posts on this page, I'm struck by how many positive posts there are on treatments for stage iv.  I'm curious what other people think - are treatments much improved over the paucity that existed 12 years ago when my husband was first diagnosed?

I ask because I know my childen are at increased risk of melanoma because of their dad's experience - especially my little red haired, blue eyed, white-as-snow skinned 4 year old, and I dream of the day when melanoma is cured.

Is there hope in these new treatments that it CAN be cured?  At least in the way, perhaps, that a disease like AIDs can now be held at bay and give the opportunity for long-term survival?

Thanks and best to you all,



When I advanced to stage IIIB in September of 2011 I started to read and learn as much as my simple brain could retain on melanoma research.  The research and advances that were really just starting to take off at that time were so encouraging to me.  I remember telling my wife back then that if I could just stay alive for another 5 years I think the treatments will be available to help me beat this disease.  It's simply amazing the things they are discovering about this disease, our own immune systems and how to manipulate it.  There are treatments now that are giving patients durable responses and often with limited to no side effects.  That was simply unheard of just a few years ago.  There's still a long way to go but I for one think they are going to get there and I get the sense that the experts that have been in the field for decades are also begining to believe it as well. I have two blond haired blue eyed beautiful kids and I pray for a day when melanoma is viewed as a chronic treatable disease and I think that is a possibility, it's just a matter of how soon it will happen.


I hope so that would be awesome....a cure..or treatable would be a great discovery....My Dr told me in 2010 that if we can keep it away long enough I may have hope for a new trial or medicine...kept it away 4 years so far...hoping for something in our future...take care

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