Biopsy Results For streak on nail

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11/21/2017 7:50pm
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I do not have a pathology report yet but received a call from the nurse today to let me know the biopsy of my nail matrix revealed no cancer. She said the report stated that the nail matrix tissue was completely normal. I’ve asked for a copy of the report obviously, but i was expecting some sort of explanation as to what is causing the pigmentation in my nail, this has been such a stress to me and I would like to have closure. Should I just accept that this is benign Melanonychia with no explanation? I’m afraid of a missed diagnosis. I’ve had three dermatologists look at it before the biopsy and all were of the opinion that it was benign. I’ve had it for at least 3 years and there has been no noticeable change (although I haven’t monitored it closely), can I be sure that if it were subungual melanoma it would have been revealed via the biopsy? 

There's a big difference between benign and cancer and I really can't imagine a qualified dermatopathologist making that type of error.  If it doesn't look like melanoma on the outside or the inside, I say go celebrate!  Move on and relax!  3 years is a very long time in the melanoma world and no change in that time frame also supports the benign diagnosis.  A biopsy analyzes the cells and as long as they got a good sample, there is absolutlely no reason to believe the pathology would be wrong.  Time to move on!!!

My wife's melanoma started on her left thumb (slammed it in a car door) as a tiny dot she had it for 2 ish years until it broke through the nail. The dot grew downward due to the nail, but it was ALWAYS a dot. Once it broke through the nail and they got a tissue sample, then determined it was melanoma (and a very rare case of it at that). I AGREE with Janner. If they have looked at cells under a microscope; relax, and live well.

Anonymous - (11/22/2017 - 11:29am)

Thank you for your response. I also smashed this thumb in a car door but that was some 30+ years ago. The streak appeared about 3 years ago (basing it on pictures). That’s what caused me to think melanoma because I read that it can be associated with trauma. I have several risk factors which is why I was so stressed about it, fearing that it could be a missed diagnosis since it is so uncommon, especially after reading Juan’s story....

How is your wife doing? 

Anonymous - (11/22/2017 - 11:23am)

Thanks for the response samples were sent to a general pathologist and not a dermatopathologist which was one reason for my concern, is that a big deal? The other was that my derm did not remove my nail so I question whether she biopsied the right spot. She basically biopsied the matrix under my nail fold. I think it’s more fear, I read jvictorias story, his missed diagnosis and battle with melanoma.....very scary. Wondering how often it is missed....