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11/8/2010 12:55am
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My husband just finished his 2nd week of IL-2. Just before his first dose he got high dose radiation on two large tumors on his face and neck. The one on his parotid gland is about the size of a golf ball and it started oozing brownish discharge after week 1 of IL-2. He put a bandage on it to cover it up and ever since he removed the bandage it has been dripping blood. I know his platelets are low due to the treatment but I'm concerned about the bleeding. If it is covered it stops, but as soon as the bandage is removed it flows. We will call his doctor in the morning, but has anyone else experienced this?
Week 2 was definitely worse than 1, and he only got 7 doses. However the worst side effect had nothing to do with IL-2. On Wed he was crawling out of his skin and could not relax, a symptom he got the 1 st time. He said it felt like he was xeroxing from heroin (based on tv/ movies). The nurses assured us it was IL2 toxicity. He was ready to quit when someone finally realized that he stopped requesting oxycodone. At home he was up to 8/ day and by Thursday he had only taken 5. He was detoxing! They started to give him oxycodone and he was able to get 2 more doses.
Now for the 4 week wait!

Sherron - (11/9/2010 - 12:45pm)

HI Jen - thinking of you and you husband....Prayers and hugs being sent your way.  Hope the waiting doesn't drive you crazy..

Things are not going well with Jim either....He needs blood bad, but the VA did not want to give him blood because he was not symptomatic at the moment...even tho levels were 6.7...First Doctor I have come across that was a bit rude, saying he was not symptomatic even tho levels were low...would not give him transfusions.  And yesterday I left my phone at home, and they were calling like crazy, could see their number on calls missed.  I tried to call today, but can't get thru...but he has an appt. with the Denton Clinic for more blood work, and he tells me, he feels weak today, so I know he will probably go to VA ER to get blood today or tomorrow.  I was in a major car accident last week, and still reeling from that, pain, aches, and bruises.  My life is out of control and in a tailspin.

Take Care,

Sherron, wife to Jim