BMS PD1 & chicken pox/shingles

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4/11/2013 7:46pm
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I read somewhere that a few patients in the BMS PD1 trial got chicken pox/shingles. Has anyone heard about this???

Yes!  My husband Peck broke out with shingles at the end of his first 12 week cycle.  Anyone else?

Anonymous - (4/12/2013 - 12:38pm)

Hi Melissa ann,


I am so happy to see you post.  I think about you often & watch for your posts.

You replied to one of mypost and helped me with you advice so I am very gratiful to you.

How is Peck doing???


Talked with dr W about it...he was surprised I heard about it. 4 patients out of 130 have come down with either shingles or chicken pox. They have no idea why other than something is going on with their immune system...

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Any more info on development of shingles and outcome? My son is going through the Merck PD1 Antibody trial and has recently developed a bad case of shingles on his head and eye. He is being hospitalized under the care of his oncologist and an infectious disease doctor.