Breslow 2.0mm//Mitotic Rate 2//Clark Level IV - Recovering from Surgery - Stage 1B

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11/6/2017 10:38am
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Hello - 

I live in San Diego, CA and a week ago underwent my WLE and SNLB for my Stage 1B Melanoma which was located on the left side of my lower back. It has been 10 days since my surgery (October 26th) and I am still waiting for my pathology results. I would love to communicte with other patients who are or have been in a similar situation as myself as I still cannot believe I am going through all of this. I feel as if any day now I am going to wake up from this stressful nightmare.

The thing I am struggling with the most right now is the mental agony of waiting for my results and the unknown. Have other people waited this long for their results as well? What is the % chance of a 1B Melanoma spreading to the Lymph Nodes? My lymph node that was removed was under my left armpit. Have other people had a result of spread to lymph nodes they can tell me more about? Is there a local support group of Melanoma patients in San Diego that anyone can refer me to? If I, god willing, receive a clean pathology report, do you recommend being under the strict supervision/care of an oncology doctor or is being under strict supervision with your dermtologist sufficient?

This has been such a difficult time in my life. I am 47 years old, have two children, ages 13 and 14 and have been married for almost 16 years. I am praying for a good outcome. 


Thank you!!

If you underwent SLNB, then your surgeon is involved and a key member of your team; visits at 6 month intervals (think 12 and 6 on the clock) will likely be recommended and you should also see your dermatologist at 6 month intervals, say “9 & 3” on the clock), such that a different set of eyes sees you at 3 month intervals for the first year.

Be assured that your SLNB results will probably be fine, but remain vigilant.

Thank you for your comments and advice. I received my results last night and all came back negative, thank goodness!! What a relief!! This has been extremely hard but I am so grateful for these good results. Hope all will be well for anyone else on here as well.

They told me the chances of a node coming back positive are the Breslow depth  times 10. So, 20% for you. There is also this online calculator:

Hello Anoy,

I'm in the same boat as you.  Mine was on my left ear 0.6 mm deep stage 1B.  Had my WLE and SNLB on October 25th and still waiting on my pathology report.  Had my procedure at the University of Chicago.  Try not to worry until there is something to worry about; at least that is how I'm trying to handle it.  Keep the faith that all will turn out fine.

Hello Jetdoctor67

I received my results last night and all came back negative! Whew...I cried all the stress and anxiety from the past month all out at emotional, but enormously relieved!! I hope you will have a good outcome as well!! You certainly have the right attitude towards it all!!

I received my results yesterday and mine came back negative too.  What a relief.  Turns out my tumor was 1.6mm deep after all.  So happy.  Everyone keep up the fight.

Anonymous - (11/10/2017 - 6:01pm)

So happy for you!! Congratulations! Mine was 2.0mm deep and had a Mitotic rate of 2...I just had my post operative appt. this morning and it was nice to feel like I can be in control of my life again...Now I have to learn to manage the anxiety that now comes with being confident enough to still "live my life" without constantly worrying about the sun exposure...and it returning..Dr says with time that mental worry will go away. Takes time....

The waiting is the worst, God knows I've been there too. Now I'm waiting for 2 second site biopsy results from my first full body check post surgery. All I can say is lean on us, and anyone else who you can. Stay busy, try to stay positive. Sending you positive energy!

Anonymous - (11/10/2017 - 6:05pm)

Thank you Melissa!! I hope your results from your biopsy come out negative. My first full body scan will be December 19th. My results from WLE and SNLB came back negative thank goodness. I had my post operative appt. today and I am just so relieved but still very anxious and emotional from the whole ordeal. My wound is heaing very well and I don't care about the scars AT ALL! I am sending you all good thoughts and positive energy for your good results :0) Please let me know how it went. I will try to check back here periodically.  Best Wishes, Marion